Centrally located, a Portland Loo at this location would be a benefit not only to travelers but to those in the center city who struggle with bathroom access.


The new transit center in Northside is another perfect place for a high-visibility Loo in a bohemian Cincinnati neighborhood.


Placing Portland Loos at park and ride locations provides relief to travelers of various backgrounds across Hamilton County.


The opportunity to punctuate the county with Portland Loos increases their visibility, which helps spread the word about this necessary intervention.


People who struggle with homelessness are in constant need of facilities.  Strategic placement of Portland Loos can keep people from relieving themselves in public.


We want Greater Cincinnati to be a grown-up international destination.  To accomplish that, we need to be inclusive with regards to who has access to facilities when nature calls.

No matter one's position in life, the title of that old children's book applies: "Everyone Poops." From a manual laborer all the way to royalty, nature's call is one we all must answer - sometimes more urgently than others! That's why even The Queen City must admit that she's ready to PHLUSH.

Founded in the Pacific Northwest, Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human (PHLUSH) is a registered nonprofit focused on toilet availability. The City of Cincinnati has some history of working with this organization: in 2015, Cincinnati opened a Portland Loo at Smale Riverfront Park, and volunteers with PHLUSH provided information to Cincinnati leaders at that time. For those who don't remember, the Portland Loo is specifically designed to meet PHLUSH's seven principles for public restrooms: Cost-effectiveness, maximum function in minimum space, safety, accessibility, availability, attractiveness, and ease of maintenance.

But why did we stop at Smale Riverfront Park?

The truth is that access to toilets should be considered a basic human right. What do we expect someone to do during an emergency if no private businesses allow public access to their facilities? Whether we consider pregnant women, families with young children, people with medical conditions, those struggling with homelessness, or even our senior citizens, there is no profile immune from this issue.

That's why we are proud to announce CincyPHLUSH!

Is Cincinnati ready to PHLUSH?

Who is CincyPHLUSH?

Justin Jeffre

Jason Haap

Jacob Haap

Never heard of PHLUSH?  Click here to visit our parent organization!